Tony Edge starts work  and joins his dad Arthur Edge Mineral Water Manufacturer.


 Colwyn bay 1900s
Colwyn Bay Pier 1910  

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We head for Colwyn Bay on our way to our holiday cottage in Pwllheli North Wales. A lovely spot to take a break and eat our packed lunch by the sea. Nice for Jazz our Cocker Spaniel to play on the beach.




We often wonder about Thomas Edge who started the Mineral Water Business in 1854. 

He must have been quite a remarkable man. His father was a coal carrier and his son Thomas was a railway driver. Times were hard and he decided to move to Longsight in South Manchester and set up a soft drink business.

He worked very hard business expanded and became very successful. His young family helped in the works Arthur his eldest son took a keen interest. In those days Manchester was not a healthy place to live. Infant mortality was rife Mary and Thomas had suffered the terrible loss of two children.

Arthur Edge wanted to expand and run the business Thomas and family decided to move to Colwyn Bay and hand over the rains to his son.

We often talk about Thomas. What was life like back in the early 1900s where did he live in Colwyn Bay?

Sometime when you are searching family history you become stuck trying to find out more.  Then suddenly find just a small bit of information then the story unfolds.

A few years ago I had and email from Mr Jones of Colwyn Bay he was researching his family history and the house he lives in and it was built by Thomas Edge.

Mr Jones talked to a friend in London an expert on genealogy he managed to find out lots of information.
Truly a gem of information many thanks to Mr Jones.

It seems that the family settled in a house on Erskine road, Mr Jones house.
The 911 census shows the family moved to an impressive 5 bedroom house at 63 Victoria Park, Colwyn Bay.

911 Censuses
Thomas the head of the family aged 66 Retired Mineral Water Manufacturer, place of birth Alstonfield Staffordshire.
Thomas wife Mary aged 63 place of birth Yeldersley Ashbourne Derbyshire.
Edith Edge Daughter aged 39 Single place of birth Manchester.
In some probate records Sara Elizabeth Harrison left some money Edith Hanna Edge spinster.

Thomas Edge death.
Probate Bangor 11th December of Thomas Edge dated 1930 died 17th April 1930.
Left monies to Edith Hannah Edge spinster.
Robert Henry Edge lithographic artist.
Alexander Cosgrave George M.D.
Robert Edward Jones solicitor’s managing clerk
Effects £4914 7s. 10d.

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